Our Materials

Performance. Made Sustainably

Many companies aim to make their products more sustainable without sacrificing quality or performance. We’re taking it a step further by using the latest and greatest sustainable innovations and materials that reduce our impact AND improve the performance and quality of our entire product range.

Now that’s a step forward

Natural Momentum

BLOOM™ Algae Foam Midsole

We’ve partnered with BLOOM to turn slimy, toxic algae into our seriously comfy, responsive midsoles. How? BLOOM removes toxic algae blooms from lakes around the world, and dries and processes them into pellets. These pellets are then incorporated into our midsoles, thus reducing our reliance on the industry standard petroleum-derived EVA. By using this otherwise harmful algae, each pair of our midsoles results in 31.5 liters of clean water returned to the environment, and 64 cubic meters of carbon dioxide captured and removed from the atmosphere.

Stretch & Support

Natural and Recycled Knit Uppers

We love to get creative with our knits – not only with colour and pattern, but also with composition. The Trainer AD 1’s knit upper is made from recycled plastic yarn – every pair utilising 11 bottles worth of recycled single-use plastic. When creating the HIIT Trainer, we wanted to showcase the performance of the best natural materials. We went with a plant-based material from Tencel that’s derived from eucalyptus and cotton. Now that’s what we call plant power!

Stability Ensured

TPU Sidewalls

How do you combine cushion and stability? We use sturdy, full-length TPU sidewalls that encase the algae-based BLOOM midsole. These sidewalls ensure side-to-side stability during hard cuts and lateral movements so you can move in confidence without sacrificing comfort.

Unparalleled Comfort

ETPU Sockliner

Tired of basic sockliners that go flat after a few wears? Meet our signature ETPU sockliners. Whereas most are made with EVA, ours feature hundreds of squishy little ETPU beads that offer unparalleled comfort, and won’t go flat like typical sockliners.

Abrasion Resistant

Vegan Microfiber Overlays

What’s better than suede? Our vegan suede! This microfiber material is not only as durable as suede, it's lighter too. That means added support and abrasion resistance, in a lighter, more comfortable package. The best part? No animal products are used in our shoes.

Our Best Us

While you’re out there being your best you, we’re putting in the work behind the scenes to be our best us

For us, that means becoming a Carbon Net Zero business, and staying on the cutting edge of sustainable innovation. We’re proud of where we are now, but we’re even more excited about where we’re going.