Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of LANE EIGHT (our shoes and our ethics). This journey is not unlike a fitness journey: starting is everything, failure is inevitable, adjustment is vital, and practice makes perfect. Through education, transparency, and an open dialogue with our community of ethical everyday athletes, we aim to solidify LANE EIGHT as a performance footwear brand that is earnest and innovative in our sustainable ambitions.

Many companies strive to make their product more sustainable without sacrificing quality — we want to go further. We’ve set out to make LANE EIGHTs 100% sustainable while actually improving quality. Everyday, we’re proving that our sustainable materials outperform their less-than-eco-friendly counterparts. It’s taken us years to study, source, and curate the materials that come together to make our trainers — take a look inside the DNA of a LANE EIGHT trainer, and learn what makes them sustainable superstars:

BLOOM™ Algae Foam Midsole

We’ve partnered with BLOOM to incorporate algae into our midsoles. BLOOM harvests toxic algae blooms from lakes around the world. That harvested algae is dried, processed, and eventually becomes part of our cushy midsoles. All told, each pair of our BLOOM midsoles returns 31.5 liters of fresh water back to the environment, and removes 64 cubic meters of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Natural and Recycled Knit Uppers

We love to get creative with our knits – not only with color and pattern, but also with composition. The original Trainer AD 1’s knit upper is made from recycled plastic yarn – every pair utilizing 11 bottles worth of recycled single-use plastic. When creating The HIIT Trainer, we wanted to showcase and honor nature. We went with a 100% plant-based material from Tencel that’s derived from eucalyptus and cotton. Now that’s what we call plant power!

Vegan Microfiber Overlays

We ditched all animal products and shifted to using high-quality vegan microfiber. Our microfiber is not only equally durable to typical suede, it’s lighter weight, greatly improving the wearing experience. The best part? No animals are harmed in making our shoes!