We’re Three!

LANE EIGHT was born on August 10th, 2018, which makes today our b-day! It’s hard to believe that three years has passed since the launch of LANE EIGHT. What started as an idea for a versatile performance shoe has turned into something so much bigger. There have been countless pinch-me moments over the last three years, but here are a few of our favorite highlights to commemorate the occasion:

Our Launch

The day a dream became a brand. ​​Our founders’ desire to disrupt the old-school footwear industry was the catalyst that created LANE EIGHT. Simply, there was no shoe on the market that was completely versatile, environmentally sustainable, and actually stylish – so they made one: the Trainer AD 1. It’s been an adventure ever since – one that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all of our Everyday Athletes.

Our Move to Sustainability

Finding materials that are sustainable AND improve quality was no easy task. We scoured the world looking for the environmentally-friendly materials that benefitted the planet while improving our shoes’ performance. When we finally found our secret formula – vegan suede, recycled plastic knit, and BLOOM algae-based foam – the whole game changed. The AD 1 became 100% vegan, and our journey toward 100% sustainability took off. Now, we’re working not just on our product but our entire supply chain to provide a complete picture of our impact and how we plan to reduce it. Stay tuned!

Our Charity Partnerships

The moment we were able to give back in a meaningful way, LANE EIGHT truly came into its own. Highlights include teaming up with The Ali Forney Center to uplift LGBTQIA+ youth in crisis, Shoes That Fit to support their mission of giving shoes to kids in need, and working with A Plastic Ocean Foundation on beach clean-ups.

The Everyday Athlete Community

Our vibrant community of like-minded Everyday Athletes is the heartbeat of LANE EIGHT. Over the past three years, we’ve built a close-knit community that stretches across every age, location, and background imaginable. There’s no ‘one way’ to be an Everyday Athlete, but together we make one heck of a team.

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