The First Chapter of LANE EIGHT

Growing up with a dad in the footwear industry, we were both immersed in the intricacies of shoes from the very beginning. The first 14 years of our lives, we moved every 2-3 years, mostly in Asia but also to parts of the US and UK for our dad’s job. Always being on the go was a disorienting experience at times but wherever we landed, we always had sports.

Sports was the common language we shared with everyone, wherever we went, and we quickly recognised the power that sports held. It was activity itself that allowed us to connect, make new friends, and have fun.

This love for sports and staying active stuck with us as we moved through our professional careers. For 3 years Josh worked as a footwear developer for a major sportswear brand. It was here that he came to understand what it takes to develop footwear – essential steps in bringing designs to life, and more importantly, making sure they work for the wearer. Meanwhile, James worked as an editor for a well-known online publication. Immersing himself in sneaker culture, he learnt the ins and outs of the footwear industry, understanding the marketing and sales aspects, an experience that has proved invaluable.

As we both scaled the career ladders, we kept circling back to our dream of building a shoe company of our own – it was something we had talked about a lot growing up. At the time, it felt like just that – a dream. Only in the last couple of years, did we begin to see how we could put the pieces together. A brand that steers away from the established sneaker mould and instead approaches fitness and movement from a more inclusive standpoint. Footwear that serves the everyday athlete; someone like us, an active person that isn’t defined by sports but lives a life with momentum, one that balances movement, fun and freedom.

With what felt like the right timing we quit our jobs in 2017, pooled our savings together and took the leap. So, as introductions go, we’d like to say hello, we’re James and Josh Shorrock, and we’re the Founders of LANE EIGHT. Now free to write our own rules, we’re finally able to answer the big question: What does the everyday athlete require?”


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